KRUK is a group (founded in june 2012) that plays, acts & sometimes talks or sings.
Kruk uses improvisation to get what it wants. But sometimes there are ideas in advance or even a score. Nothing is sacred. But all that happens is holy in a Ginsbergian sort of way.
Kruk uses anything that is available to the performers at the time of the performance. Maybe you could call it 'Cagean Improv', not so much because it derives from John Cage's work (allthough it does a bit) but because it admires his freedom to come up with cool stuff.
The founder of the group is Lukas Simonis who solemnly declares that anybody who plays in the group will be a KRUK member for the rest of his/hers/it's life. Other core members are Nina Hitz and Sato Endo.

KRUK has a liberal attitude towards the quality of it's performers.
They can be;
- dead
- a thing
- an animal
- a plant
But there's also room for more obvious performers like;
- musicians, dancers, poets, ghosts, etc, 'artists'
- anybody else

Date of birth; june 2012
Concerts (time of speaking; january 2013);

june 30th 2012, Le Sud, Rotterdam
with; Sato Endo, Lukas Simonis & Henk Bakker

july 2th; Traces and Resonances, Roodkapje, Rotterdam
with; Gabrielle Barros Martins, Nina Hitz, Sato Endo, Noriko Mitzuhashi & Lukas Simonis

october 25th; GrĂ¼ntaler 9, Berlin, BRD
with; Hilary Jeffery, Nina Hitz, Sato Endo, Lukas Simonis & Steffi Weismann

october 26th; Tannenbaum, Berlin, BRD
with; A Plastic Fish, Nina Hitz, Sato Endo, Lukas Simonis. Steffi Weismann & Mike Majkovski

december 2th; Muiderpoorttheater, Amsterdam
with; Sato Endo, Nina Hitz & Lukas Simonis

december 17th; Roodkapje, Rotterdam
with; Sato Endo, Nina Hitz, Lukas Simonis, Noriko Mitzuhashi & Bebe Beliz

january 6th 2013; Kunst & Complex, Rotterdam
with; A Pink Suitcase, Nina Hitz, Lukas Simonis & Bebe Beliz

may 18th 2013; Kruk, Horbar, Hamburg, Germany
with; Sato Endo, Alan Purves, Lukas Simonis

july 6th 2014; KRUK, Witte Slagerij, Rotterdam
with; Sato Endo, Annas Mikhailova, Nina Hitz, Lukas Simonis